Speed Thrills But kills

Be cautious, Life is Precious

Two wheelers for two only

Dont be hell mate, wear helmet

Drive carefully drive again

Share road with care

Day or night, obey traffic light

A few safety measure are life's treasures

Caution and care make accidents rare

Use dipper at night, To see traffic right

Driving must but Safety first

Save the head, wear helmet Tight

Alert today, Alive Tommorow

Dusk or dawn ead lights on

Dont be rash lest you crash

Traffic rules are life saving tools

Imbibe road sense in self

Drive to Care Not to Dare

Better to prevent than lament

Overtake with caution and care

Follow regulations, avoid collisions

Drive fine, Avoid Fine

Accidents brings tears safety brings Cheers

Stop before Stop line

Relax at red light

Obey the sign and pay no fine

Mobile off and seat belts on

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