1. Organize women into groups of 10-15, called Self-Help Group (SHG). Thus each and every woman of Surguja of age group 18-60 will be part of SHG. The notion is “Every Women in SHG and Every SHG in Economic activity.”

2. Strengthening of each SHG by capacity building training on five principles model of National Rural Livelihood Mission (NRLM).

3. Each SHG in economic activity which will create a pool of leadership abilities, improved health and nutrition leading to social empowerment.

4. Convergence of resources and schemes from various departments so that group activity can be mobilized to fight against poverty, open defecation, illiteracy and alcoholism.

5. Institutionalization of these SHGs so that they can be sustained and various welfare and development programmes can be implemented in a better way.

6. Harnessing local leadership through active women in SHG to lead social change through economic empowerment.

It has been proven that investing in women brings about a multiplier effect i.e. if the women are given necessary working capital then this can lead to increase self-esteem, and greater economic independence which in turn brings about empowerment in true sense. For example, it is seen that if the women in self-help groups are literate, they can educate their children, take better care of them and also deal with the finances of the family. In this way, it is expected that if the women are independent and awakened it will help in prospering of the society. Thus this will help us to achieve our broader goal of reducing poverty, improving the Human Development Indices and economic and social prosperity of society as a whole.