Women self-help groups are an appropriate and successful method of improving the society. It has been accepted in the Indian society that if the women are empowered enough, the society tends to prosper. Also many research shows that enhancing women’s economic participation improves national economies, increases household productivity and living standards, enhances the well-being of children with positive long term impacts and can increase women’s agency and overall empowerment.District Administration, Surguja is focussing on providing long term solution to the problem of poverty, malnutrition etc. through sensitizing the main target group and making women as a centre for development. The notion is to provide them economic participation, economic opportunity, social empowerment, educational attainment and health and well-being.
This can only lead to development in true sense as envisioned by our father of nation, Mahatma Gandhi.
In Surguja, poor health and nutrition status of tribal women in relation to sex ratio, age at marriage, fertility, mortality, life expectancy, nutritional status, maternal and child health care practices, sexually transmitted diseases, etc. and it is found to be lower than that of Indian women in general. women can only secure the better lives for themselves, their families and their communities. Gender equality and female empowerment are essential for achieving our development goals. Therefore, efforts have been taken to fully ngage these women in better delivery of services and benefits. These progressive women will e voice, both in terms of influencing the policies and its implementation process. Also it is observed that women’s contribution in various execution of various schemes has a spiral effect in improving the economies, increasing the household per capita income and living standards, enhances health of children and family thus bringing out the society from the vicious cycle of poverty.
After several rounds of deliberations with district, block and panchayat level officials and with numerous meetings with people's representatives (Zila Panchayat Adhyaksh, Block Panchayat Adhyaksh, Sarpanch and Panch) it was decided to initiate a district level intervention which was termed as 'Suposhit, Shikshit Samridh Surguja Abhiyaan' (Healthy, Literate and Prosperous Surguja initiative) from 30th April, 2014. Backed by in-depth research, the intervention were made women centric leading to creation of Self Help Groups (SHGs) across the district.