Jashpur Police is the squad of Chhattisgarh Police that holds the responsibility of Jashpur District  law and order.
S.P. Jashpur Overall responsibility of storing peace, harmony and well being of society.
 Traffic Road Safety, Accidents, Vehicle security is an important task in order to keep society free from damages.
 DSB This branch is the part of SP office, and various activities under the district as- political activities, employees organization activities, labour organization, student federation, VIPs visits, visits of foreign citizens, social & religious, NGOs organizations, naxalism, Leftist extremist or information about other improper activities, and collection of other information are done by the officers and employees of this special branch, and other activities under district special branch.

We assure citizen of Jashpur that we will help them remain in Peace and Harmony and also we request people to help Jashpur Police in helping themselves.