Instructions to fill on line Application Form
Before filling the online form applicant insure the following document/details are available with them
1. Demand Draft ( as per the the point -A)
2. Identity Proof Details (Tick one  from Employee Code, Passport No., PAN Card No., Voter's ID Card No., Drivind License No., PF No., Bank Account Details, Ration Card )
Take the printout of the form in two copies.
One copy for your reference and other copy should be send to NIC
The payment will be made through  DD in favour of "DDO, NIC Chhattisgarh State Centre"  payable at Raipur
For any queries contact: 0771-4080976, 2221263
Instruction for DSC Applicant

NIC-CA abides by the Information Technology Act, 2000, laid down by the Govt. of India.  The applicant is advised to read this IT Act 2000 under Resources (

To use DSC for exchanging Digitally signed Email, S/MIME compatible Mail clients should be used (Outlook  Express/Netscape etc.). Also, please ensure that your email-id is issued from a POP compatible Mail server.   For   security reasons, NICCA prefers usage of Official E-mail ID.
The DSC form is required to be filled in duplicate which is downloadable under Repository>CPS & Forms> All Forms>NICCA-FRM-50034.pdf from Photocopy of filled form in original signature will also be  accepted.  After filling the form, the applicant has to submit the application to his parent Department/Ministry for  further processing.
The forwarded DSC application form is processed at NIC-CA for issue of DSC.  If all particulars are in order, a User-Id, password and the profile for the applicant is created using the details submitted. This user-id will only be valid for 90 days (i.e., applicant has to generate key pairs request and download certificate within 90 days) failing which; user  is required to re-submit fresh DSC application for DSC issuance.
It is very important to keep the private key securely.
If the private key is compromised, applicant should immediately inform NIC-CA office by phone 011-24366176 or e-mail at and Login with his user-Id and password at NIC-CA website. The User has to send Request for Revocation/Suspension/Activation form   (Doc Id: NICCA-FRM-50037)
For viewing all valid DSCs and CRLs, the user can access the website ( under Repository.
DSCs are issued on FIPS-140 Level-2 compliant smart card, which allows only maximum ten numbers of incorrect attempts for entering pass phrase/ pin. On exceeding this limit, the smart card gets blocked which can't be unblocked even by NIC-CA and hence DSC will have to be revoked and reissued.
It is important to note that email-id given by the applicant is functional and applicant access the same on regular basis as all communications in regard to DSC like user, revocation, renewal, expiration details is communicated thru the given email-id.

I understand that on cessation of my employment, I shall inform my present employer and NICCA for revocation of my Digital Signature Certificate.


For  any  further  clarification,  user  can  write  to  or  visit  the  NIC-CA  website (


Types of Classes: Depending upon requirement of assurance level and usage of DSC as described below, the applicant may select one of the classes.


Class-1 Certificate:

Assurance Level: Provides minimum level of assurance.   Subscriber’s identity is proved only with help of Distinguished Name -DN and hence provides limited assurance of the identity.


Suggested Usage: Signing certificate primarily be used for signing personal emails and encryption certificate is to be used for encrypting digital emails and SSL certificate is used to establish secure communications through the use of secure socket layer (SSL).


Category Issued to the Individual from Govt., PSU/Statutory Bodies, Government Registered Companies and Web Servers/Servers within NIC domain


Class-2 Certificate:

Assurance Level: Provides higher level of assurance confirming the details submitted in the DSC Request Form, including photograph and documentary proof in respect of at least one of the identification details.


Suggested Usage: In addition to the ‘suggested usage’ mentioned in class I, the class II Signing certificate may also be used for digital signing, code signing, authentication for VPN Client, web form signing, user authentication, Smart Card Logon, single sign-on and igning involved in e-procurement/ e-governance applications.


Category Issued to the Individual from Govt., PSU/Statutory Bodies, Government Registered Companies and Web Servers/Servers in open domain.

Class-3 Certificate:

Assurance Level: Provides highest level of assurances, as verification process is very stringent. Proves existence of name of organizations such as Government  Departments/Agencies,  PSU/  Govt.  Registered  Companies  and  assures  applicant’s  identity  authorized  to  act  on  behalf  of  the Government/PSU/Statutory/Autonomous bodies/ Government registered Companies.


Suggested Usage: In addition to the ‘suggested usage’ mentioned in class-1, class-2 & class-3. Signing certificate may also be used for digital signing for discharging his/her duties as per official designation and also encryption certificate may also be used for encryption requirement as per his/her official capacity.