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SNo. Form No. Description of form
1 Checklist Form (PensionCase) Checklist Form (Pension Case)
2 Checklist Form (FamliyPensionCase) Checklist Form (FamliyPensionCase)
3 Form-1 (Nomination for Retirement Gratuity/Death Gratuity)When the Govt. servant has a family and wishes to nominate one member and more than one member, thereof.
4 Form-1A Form of application for commutation of a fraction of superannuation pension without medical examination when applicant desires that the payment of the commuted value of pension should be authorized through the pension payment order.
5 Form-2 Nomination for Retirement Gratuity/Death Gratuity) When the government servant has no family and wishes to nominate one person and more than one person.
6 Form-3 Details of Family
7 Form-4 Nomination for Family pension
8 Form-5 Particulars to be obtained by the Head of Office from the retiring Government servant eight months before the date of his retirement).
9 Form-8 Nomination for benefits under the Central Government Employees Group Insuranace Scheme 1980.
10 Form-10 Form of letter to the member or members of the family of a deceased Government servant where valid nomination for the grant of the death gratuity exists.
11 Form-12 Form of application for the grant of death-cum-retirement gratuity on the death of a Government Servant.
12 Form-13 Form of letter to the widow/widower of a deceased Government servant for the grant of Family Pension, 1964
13 Form-14 Family Pension
14 Form-18 Form for assessing and authorizing the payment of family pension And death gratuity when a Government Servant dies while in service
15 Form-19 Form of letter to the Accounts Officer forwarding papers for the grant of family pension and death gratuity to the family of a Government servant who dies while in service
16 Form-20 Form of letter sanctioning Family Pension to the child or children of a retired Government servant who dies after retirement but does not leave behind a widow or widower
17 Form-25 Form of application for permission to Central Service officer to accept commercial employment with in a period of two years after retirement