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SNo. Form No. Description of form
1 T.R. 25A Traveling Allowance Bill For Tour
2 List of Authorized Medical Attendants 2013 List of Authorized Medical Attendants Effective From 01-05-2013 to 30-04-2014
3 61 Charge Report
4 SR-I Form of Application of Leave
5 18 (3) Form for giving intimation or Seeking previous sanction under Rule 18 (3) for transaction in respect of movable property
6 18 (2) Form for giving prior intimation or seeking previous sanction under Rule 18 (2) in respect of immovable property (Other than building of or additions and alternation to a house
7 Final Withdrawal Form Form of application for final withdrawal from provident fund
8 LTC Advance Form LTC Advance Form
9 Property Return Form Statement of immovable property for the calender year ending
10 Temporary Advance Form Form of letter to the member or members of the family of a deceased Government servant where valid nomination for the grant of the death gratuity exists.