In order to promote seed production through private participation, BTSSO undertakes generation of trained human resource in Tasar sector. The role of the BSM&TCs has been significant in this endeavour . The organization conducts different need based Human Resource Development programmes for different target groups - Officers / officials from Departments of Sericulture of command States, stakeholders and entrepreneurs. The programmes are of both formal and informal in nature and well suited to the needs of the target group. The programmes cover all aspects of seed production covering cultivation and management of host plants, silkworm rearing and grainage management.

The BSM&TCs also provide facilities to under-graduates / post graduate students from different Institutions / Universities to carry out project works / dissertations in different aspects of Tasar seed sector.
Training Facilities : Training is imparted using audio-visual equipment at all locations. The faculty cum Scientists are professionally competent to handle the courses. The training units (BSM&TCs) are equipped with Computer facility with Internet, rearing fields and grainages for practical training.

1. Skill Enhancement Programme: The object of skill enhancement training is to impart training as microscopists, grainage helpers and rearing trainees to utilize services in dual mode i.e., imparting training as well as utilizing services of the manpower available by this way in the technical works of the respective units during the grainage and rearing seasons. By this way every year around 700-800 persons are being trained.

2. ISDS: Under the programme of Integrated Skill Development Scheme launced during the year 2012-13, so far 4159 farmers have already trained in 10 states. Under the three training programmes, namely, Tasar Seed Production, Tasar Seed Cocoon Production and Disease Containment, totally 581, 1776 and 1802,

Contact persons :
Dr. B.K. Singhal, Scientist-D
Dr. K. Praveen Kumar, Scientist-C
07752-220680 / 233128

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