BTSSO, Bilaspur – ISDS Success stories

Success Story 1.:

Name: Smt Sakuntala Murmu, w/o. Shri Arun Kumar Murmu
Address/contact details: Village: Senapatia,
Post office: Khatra,
District: Bankura, State: W. B.
Training duration: 10.09.2013 - 29.09.2013
Place: BSM & TC, Patelnagar
Name of programme attended: Silkworm Disease Containment

Smt Sakuntala Murmu is a housewife practicing Sericulture in wild areas of jungle without much interest. After marriage, her husband showed interest in Tasar culture and urged her to take up Tasar culture to earn something to help her family financially. She has contacted the officer’s of BSM&TC, Patelnagar and asked them to provide training in Tasar culture. They advised her to join the ISDS training being conducted at BSM&TC, Patelnagar. She joined the training on 10.09.2013 and continued the same up to the end 29.09.2013. During the course of training, she learnt about various diseases of Tasar food plants, Tasar silkworm rearing and methods for controlling diseases. She has also learnt Microscopic examination of female moths, coupling and decoupling, washing and disinfection of eggs, cleaning and disinfection of rearing fields, maintenance of temperature and humidity for good hatching of worms, their brushing, transfer of worms etc. Now, she is confident enough to take up Tasar culture as a major means of earning for her livelihood as self employed farmer. She thanked Central Silk Board for arranging ISDS training for developing her confidence in Tasar Culture.

Success Story 2.:

Name: Shri Jal Singh Samad S/O. Shri Budhan Singh Samad
Address/contact details: Village Dango,
Post office: Kuchai,
District: Seraikella, Kharsawan, Jharkhand
Training duration: 28.09.2012 - 17.10.2012
Place: BSM & TC, Kharswan
Name of programme attended: Tasar Seed Production

For the last 10 years Mr. Jal Singh Samad is practicing sericulture and was earning an annual sericulture income of Rs. 20,000.00 to 25,000.00 in two crops. After ISDS training at BSM & TC, Kharswan, his annual income has increased to the total annual income of Rs. 35,000.00. Even he has been employed by BSM & TC, Kharswan after ISDS training for the job of moth examination by which he has earned an extra income of Rs. 2475.00 to serve his family needs.

Success Story 4.:

Name: hri Tandi Baghel
Address/contact details: VMadhota,
Post office: Bastar,
District: Bastar, Chattisgarh
Training duration: 10.07.12 - 29.07.2012
Place: BSM & TC, Bastar, Chattisgarh
Name of programme attended: TTasar Seed Cocoon production

Shri Tandi was earlier a labourer as well as cultivating paddy, earning about Rs. 10000.00 annually for his livelihood. He has undergone ISDS training at BSM & TC, Bastar during 2012-13. With his ISDS exposure, Mr. Tandi’s annual income has gone up to Rs. 135600.00 by harvesting 108600 cocoons from 2000 dfls. During 2013-14, Mr. Tandi has earned Rs. 148460.00 which is a positive developmental initiative playing important role in socio economic status of farmers in Bastar region.

Success Story 3.:

Name: Shri Kartik Ram S/O. Shri Jhadu Ram
Address/contact details: Village: Goband,
Post office: Lamher,
District: Bilaspur, Chattisgarh
Training duration: 03.10.2013 - 22.10.2013
Place: BSM & TC, Bilaspur
Name of programme attended: Tasar Seed Cocoon Production

Before ISDS training, Mr. Kartik Ram was working as labourer with little Tasar sericulture earning by poor crop performance. His sericulture income of Rs. 6840.00 before ISDS training has increased to Rs. 10320.00 by adopting the techniques learnt by Mr. Kartik Ram during ISDS. He is further expecting to earn about Rs. 30000 to 35000.00 by rearing more dfls’s. He is confident in earning higher by Tasar sericulture, which will help him in going outside for working as a labourer to earn little money. By practicing Tasar sericulture and generated income, Mr. Kartik Ram feels very happy with his family.

Success Story 5.:

Name: Shri Noren Soren, S/O Babula Soren
Address/contact details: Village: Dhankutta,
Post office: Kathikund,
District: Dumka-814103, Jharkhand
Training duration: 15.07.2012 - 03.08.2012
Place: BSM & TC, Kathikund, Jharkhand
Name of programme attended: TasarTasar Seed Production

Shri Noren Soren used to rear only 200 dfls before any exposure. After ISDS training, Shri Soren has reared 600 dfls and multiplied it to 4575 dfls by which he has earned Rs. 27450.00. It has improved his economic position. By having all the sericultural activities, Shri Soren has earned Rs. 73575.00 in a year which has improved his living standard.

Success Story 6.:

Name: Shri Bhagirathi Naik, S/O Shri Mahura Naik
Address/contact details: Village: Dabarchua,
Post office: Khireitangri,
District: Keonjhar-758046, Odisha
Training duration: 29.09.2012 - 18.10.2012
Place: BSM & TC, Keonjhar, Odisha
Name of programme attended: Disease Containment

Shri Bhagirathi Naik was a poor farmer in his village with a meagure annual sericulture income of Rs. 16000.00. During 2012-13, Shri Naik has undertaken ISDS training on Disease containment and after completion, he is regularly practicing Tasar sericulture by adopting chawki rearing and late age rearing technologies. During 2013-14, he has completed two seed crop rearings and has harvested a total of 32588 cocoons and thereby earned Rupees. 53020.00. He found tasar sericulture as a major income generative source.


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