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Basic Tasar Silkworm Seed Organization (BTSSO) the sole seed organization of tropical tasar (Antheraea mylitta) came into existence in the year 1998-99 under the aegis of Central Silk Board, Government of India. As a flagship organisation, it plans and executes the production and supply of nucleus and basic tasar seed in the country. It has 24 units- one Central Tasar Silkworm Seed Station (CTSSS) at Kargi-Kota, 21 Basic Seed Multiplication & Training Centres (BSM&TC) and 02 Sub-units spread over ten tasar producing states. These units undertake preparation of quality disease free layings (both nucleus and basic) and adopt latest technologies / techniques developed by Research Institutes and quality managements in the process of tasar seed production. Different HRD along with awareness programmes are also organising by BTSSO to improve the knowledge and skill of technical personnel as well as the stake holders engaged in seed production.


BTSSO is mandated for production and supply of quality Nucleus and basic tasar silkworm seeds in the country. To fulfil the mandate, it undertakes following activities

Organize three tier multiplications of seed i.e. at CTSSS Kota, BSM&TCs and Pilot Project Centres (PPCs) level as per the approved norms and co-ordinate and monitor basic seed production in tune with the quality parameters, its adequacy and timely supply.

Prepare action plan for the nucleus and basic tasar seed production and supply. Convene periodic seed meetings of BSM&TCs to discuss and review the progress of seed production programme and strategy.

Organize training programme for Adopted Seed Rearers (ASRs), DOS officials and private graineurs as per the requirement of the states.

Under Integrated Skill Development Scheme of CSB, to conduct training programmes on silkworm seed cocoon production, silkworm seed production and disease containment at different BSM&TC’s to create their employment generation.

Extend necessary technical services to DOS for quality dfl production through extending of technical expertise to the Tasar Seed Multiplication Centres and ASRs. Issue guidelines to state for undertaking desired seed multiplication and revival of PPCs.

Control and monitor the activities of CTSSS and BSM&TCs and suggest improvement measures from time to time.

Coordinate with CTR&TI, Ranchi and DOS of tasar growing states on all matters related to seed production and obtain feedback and submit reports to CSB.

Arrange 100% disease free seed at nucleus and basic seed level. Effectively monitor regular examination to detect disease infection and follow up action to control the disease.

Promote the concept of Adopted Seed Rearers and expand the base for quality dfls production by involving private entrepreneurs - promote private commercial tasar seed grainage by providing necessary technical expertise.

Organizes supply of tasar dfls to states and monitor the seed multiplication at state level.

Convene seed price fixation meetings with the states and develop strategy for fixation of price for seed cocoons and dfls on quality parameters and productivity.


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