Copyright Statement Handbook of Formulae and Constants
CSE Department
Central application lab Internet & web technology Networking lab Programming lab
CFA VIVA Computer Aided Design Lab Manual Client server Lab Manual Data Structure Lab Manual
CFA Computer Aided Design Lab Client server viva Data Structure Viva
CFALabManual Computer Aided Design Viva Client Server Data Structure
Dynamic & Web Page Design Lab Computer Netwoking Viva ET&T-6 OOPS in C ++ Lab
Dynamic & Web Page Design viva Computer Networking Lab ET&T-6 OOPS in C ++ Lab Manual
DYNAMIC WEB PAGE DESIGN Lab Manual Computer Networking Lab IT-3 OOPS in C++ viva
Graphics & multimedia Lab Manual Computer Networking lab Manual ET&T-6 Programing in C
Graphics &multimedia Lab Computer Networking Lab MANUAL IT-3 Programming in C viva
Graphics and multimedia viva Computer Networking viva IT-3 Programming in C Lab Manual
Internet & web page design Lab manual Visual Basic Lab Manual
Internet & web page design Lab Visual Basic viva
Internet & web page Design Viva Visual Basic
Multimedia & Web Technology Lab Manulal
Multimedia & Web Technology Lab
Multimedia & Web Technology Viva
Electronics & Telecommunication Department
Communication lab Digital lab Electrical & Electronic Measurement lab Electronics lab
Advance Communication Lab Manual Advanced Microprocessor & Microcontroller lab Manual Basic Electrical Electronic & Measurement Lab Manual Analog Electronics Lab
Advance Communication Lab Advanced Microprocessor & Microcontroller Lab Basic Electrical Electronic&Measurement Lab Analog Electronics lab manual
Advance Communication viva Advanced microprocessor & Microcontroller viva Basic Electrical Electronic&Measurement VIVA Analog Electronics Viva
Anteena lab manual final Digital Electronics Lab Manual Electrical & Electronics Measurement Lab Manual Electronics Devices & Circuit Viva
Antenna & Microwave Communication Lab Digital Electronics Lab Electrical & Electronics Measurement Lab Electronics Devices & Circuit Lab Manual
Antenna & Microwave Communication viva Digital Electronics viva Electrical & Electronics MeasurementViva Electronics Devices & Circuit Lab
Audio Engg & Acoustic Lab Manual Microprocessor 8085 Viva Fundamentals of Electrical Engg. Lab Manual Electronics Workshop Lab Manual
Audio Engineering & Acoustic Lab Microprocessor 8085 Lab Manual Fundamentals of Electrical Engg. Lab Electronics Workshop Lab
Audio Engineering & Acoustic Viva Microprocessor 8085 Lab Fundamentals of Electrical Electronics Workshop viva
Principle Of Communication Lab Manual Instrumentation & Process Control Viva Power Electronics Lab Manual
Principles of Communication Lab Instrumentation & Process Control Lab Power Electronics Lab
Principles of Communication viva Instrumentation and process control manual Power Electronics Viva
Television Engg. Lab Manual Network Analysis Lab Manual
Television Engineering Lab Network Analysis Lab
Television Engineering viva Network Analysis viva
Information Technology Department
DBMS lab Hardware & maintenance lab Operating system lab
DBMS- 1 Lab manual Computer Hardware Installation and Maintenance Lab Manual Java Programming Lab Manual
DBMS- 1 Lab Computer Hardware Installation and Maintenance Lab Java Programming Lab
DBMS-1 viva Computer Hardware Installation and Maintenance Viva Java Programming viva
DBMS-II Lab Computer Troubleshooting & Maintenance Lab Manual Linux Lab Manual
DBMS-II Viva Computer Troubleshooting & Maintenance Lab Linux Lab
l DBMS-II Lab Manual Computer Troubleshooting & Maintenance Viva linux viva
Science Department
Applied Chemistry Lab Applied Chemistry Lab Manual
Applied Chemistry viva Applied Physics Lab Manual
Applied Physics Lab Applied physics viva